Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Date: May 17th
Place: Jacksonville, FL (My room at the OMNI hotel)
Time: 4:08 PM

A short cab ride from the airport, I have arrived at my destination.

The flight was a good one: has anyone ever heard of Song Airlines? I hadn't. They broke off of Delta and have just been reabsorbed. It certainly was an experience. The plane's chairs and walls have a creative, soothing color scheme: dark orange, blue, green, yellow. Sounds ugly, but it actually works. The flight attendents wore designer uniforms. There were consoles on the back of each seat: you could watch 24 satellite TV channels, listen to music (good advertising for new albums!,) keep track of your flight's progress, play a trivia game with other passengers...crazy! Also, when it was time for the safety information, they played this clip of a woman dancing to irish music and telling you about the safety information with a thick irish accent. (Not a video clip. Just audio.) Everybody was pretty happy and content for the entire trip. Also, on both flights: FOOD! Not much, but something. On the first: biscotti cookies (I saved those.) On the second: peanuts! Just like the good ol' days. So a very pleasant flying experience.

The cherry on top was that my luggage not only arrived with me, but was the 5th bag out on the carousel. I found a taxi kiosk, and I was sitting in a taxi within 3 minutes. My taxi driver was very nice, but a little bit shaken up. One of the taxi drivers died yesterday of a heart attack. He zipped in and out of traffic (80 mph in a 55 mph zone, but he seemed fine about it so I didn't get too worried.)

Checked in to the hotel. The final count is 18 dancers in all. There isn't much going on tonight: just a reception. I am faring for myself for dinner. I haven't met my roommate yet, but I did wave to a couple of (I think they were...) dancers downstairs. Our orientation is tomorrow, so I will get to meet everyone then.

Alright, time to relax a little bit before changing into reception clothes and heading back downstairs. I'm so glad to have finally arrived!


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