Friday, May 12, 2006

Long drive home

Location: Mostly M-131 and I-69 between Interlochen and Bloomington

Date: May 11th

I was on the road for a total of 11 hours today. It was windy and rainy for most of the time. That was sort of good, as I didn't want to stop to get out of the car, so I made pretty good time. I left at 5:30, before the sun was up. It was a drizzly morning, and the sky was a deep purplish blue. There was a foggy mist hanging over every thing. This made all of the fields, farm houses, and christmas tree farms seem even more vibrant and magical than usual. Of course, once I got on to M-131, everything was just gray and kind of sad. But it was a beautiful start to the day.

I stopped four times. Once for coffee, once for gas, once for lunch, once to pick up some pointe shoes in Indianapolis. When I got back in to Bloomington, I had to leave within 30 minutes of arriving so that I would get to Nashville (35 minute drive) on time to teach. When I finally got home last night, I collapsed in to bed.

All in all, a pretty good trip. Definitely worth the gas money and the drive to see an interesting company, old friends, and some beautiful terrain.


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