Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pre-competition day

Date: May 18th
Location: Jacksonville, FL (Hotel room)
Time: 6:35 AM

I finally got to meet some of the other dancers at the reception yesterday afternoon. They are all very nice! My roommate is named Kelly. She is from the University of Cincinnati, and will be apprenticing with Cincinnati Ballet next year. Others include: Christine from El Paso (about to graduate high school!,) Texas, Michelle from Pittsburgh (corps at PBT next year-trainee this year,) Rachel from Florida, and Molly from Kansas City (university student, but knows lots of the company dancers.) So for those of you following along from home who are immersed in the ballet world, let me know if I need to say "hi" to anyone. The rest of the dancers arrive between 8 and 11 this morning.

Last night I met lots of donors and chapter members at the NSAL reception. I and the other competitors who were there were shuffled from one group of people to another and introduced. There are some pretty cool people who work as part of this organization! I had a 20 minute conversation with three people about the merits of traveling to Alaska in the summer, including cruises vs. train travel, big vs. small cruises, and the location of good museums in the state.

After the reception, Kelly had decided to go to the fancy dinner at the museum, but the rest of us hadn't signed up. I knew that I wouldn't be able to eat fancy, rich meals every day this weekend. Oh, did I mention that the airport lost Kelly's bags? It was terrible! She had to go find and purchase an outfit for the dinner with her chapter sponsor. Luckily she found this amazing store and got a gorgeous gold-goddess type dress for $10. Her luggage got here last night. Luckily she had packed her dance things in her carry-on, so she would have managed if she would have had to. But SEE? SEE DELTA? You shouldn't have made me check my bag. It was only 1 inch too big. Clearly you're capable of losing bags, as I suspected. I won't hold it against you too much since you didn't lose mine and you gave me food for free. But still.

Right. Last night. So after the reception we (the remaining competitors) stood around talking while everyone else left for their museum dinner. Finally, we decided to go get some dinner. Based on Jacksonville's lovely location, we decided that seafood would probably be pretty good here. So Christine, Rachel and I went to a Sushi place on The Jacksonville Landing, which is an outdoor food and entertainment complex literally across the street from us. (We are also next to the Performing Arts Center. We are in the center of downtown.) We sat outside next to the river and watched the bridges slowly light up as the sun set. The smoked salmon sushi I had was cheap and great. On our way back we got creme frappuccinos at Starbucks. We had wanted ice cream, but couldn't find any. At least now I know where the Starbucks is.

When I got home, I rested and read for a bit. Kelly got home and we talked about mutual acquaintances, etc. She danced at Chautaqua, so she knows Violette and Glenda. I went to bed pretty early. Now I'm up to go enjoy the swimming pool and do some exercises. I have to check in to get my name tag and schedule this morning, but the actual events of the day don't start until the President's luncheon at 12:00.

More as the day progresses...


Blogger Edward M. said...

hey, so I like your stuff. Can I do a post on my site telling people about yours? I think its worth other people seeing.

8:40 PM

Blogger Steph said...

Sure. I'm only planning on posting when I'm traveling though, so it's kind of an on/off thing.

9:17 PM

Blogger Edward M. said...

k, you should consider telling people at Ballet Talk for Dancers. or letting me if you dont want to. I think its something the younger people would like benefit from reading. let me know.

9:29 AM


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