Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Still Enroute

Date: May 17th
Location: Atlanta, GA Gate T1
Time: 1:01 PM

Just a quick note. They should start boarding this flight in 10 minutes or so.

In Indianapolis they made me check my wheeled bag. I REALLY hope it doesn't get lost. All I have dance-wise in my other bag is a pair of pointe shoes. So I would be sunk without that other bag. Then again, it would probably take at most one day to catch up with me, so it would still be ok. I just don't want to deal with that :)

The Atlanta airport is interesting. I had to walk a long ways to get to my gate-it is, as luck would have it, at the end of a long, small terminal. To travel between terminals, you go underground and either take a train (subway-esque) or walk. I walked, and I am glad that I did! There was an exhibit on Zimbabwe up. Very cool. There were huge, blown up prints of Zimbabwe scenes: landscapes, animals, people, towns. But the really cool thing was a series of stone sculptures by Zimbabwean artists. This things were GORGEOUS. Some of families, some of animals, some about faith, some about humans, some about Africa. All very, very cool. It felt like I was walking through a museum!

The only unusual thing about this airport is that there are smoking lounges. I have seen those in London, but not in the US! Especially with the number of states further north now restricting smoking in restaurants, bars, and public places, this came as something of a shock. Luckily, the ventilation is excellent, and the smoke seems to stay in the designated areas. What a country this is! That one state won't let people smoke in bars, but that another state lets people smoke in airports.

I had one of those "tuna to go" things for lunch. Very tasty and good for you, but hugely wasteful packaging wise. Next time I will just make my own tuna salad and put it in some tupperware.

Alright, enough of these random thoughts from my brain. They are starting the boarding. Onward to Florida!


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