Monday, May 08, 2006


Location: Fort Wayne, IN

Welcome to this blog experiment. The idea is to keep a journal of the crazy travels, trials, traumas, and (hopefully) triumphs I encounter while dancing here and there and everywhere. This summer I have several trips planned to dance, take classes, and teach, and next year of course I will be doing many, many auditions.

I am sitting on my dear friend Marty's bed in Fort Wayne, IN. His family has been very kind to me. I can't belive they're putting me up for the night, even though Marty is in New Orleans! Marty's mom is a wonderful caretaker (she's a nurse. ) Her first comment to me was that I "certainly have the ballet physique." Ever since then, she has been offering me lots of different food and drink options in every available moment. I've also enjoyed Marty's cats, Zoe and Ophelia, and his excellent neighborhood. The cool thing about this neighborhood is that it is one of those developments of all new, beautiful houses with standard streetlights and street signs, but it is slightly...quirky. The roads have names like Hawk's Nest and Blackhawk, even though I certainly can't imagine a bird of prey hanging out on one of these perfectly-manicured lawns. It's called Cherry Hill. The sign at the entrance had huge cherries on it. Very cool.

Tomorrow, I am taking class at Grand Rapids Ballet. I don't know much about the company, but Guoping had very positive things to say about it. They do lots of performances every year, and lots of story ballets. I'm excited to see what their dancers are like, but I'm ESPECIALLY excited to get a class. I've been giving myself class, but somehow it's just not the same.

It was a nice drive to Ft. Wayne-just 3.5 hours. The worst part was going around Indy. I do not like 465. People drive too fast and there are too many trucks and on/off ramps for my liking. I-69 was quite nice though. I enjoyed a mellow sunset and there wasn't too much traffic. I've packed excellent snacks/lunches/breakfasts for this trip: protein drinks, balance bars, bran cereal bars, apples, and trail mix. Mmmm. Good food makes traveling much better.

OK, time for sleeping. I leave at 7 tomorrow for an 11 AM class in G. Rapids...


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best of luck tomorrow, keep us posted!

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